06 October, 2002

Raindrops on roses, and whiskers on kittens...

I like the rain.

I think it is beautiful and relaxing. Where I live, hurricanes are relatively common, and my favorite thing to do during a hurricane is let the wind blow in my face and allow the rain to drench my body.

Back when I lived with my parents, I had access to their pool during the middle of the night. It only happened twice, but the two times a hurricane came in during the middle of the night, I enjoyed swimming in the pool in the darkness of night and feeling the wind blow fiercely above me.

I'm not sure why, but it just made me feel so very good.

But now when it rains, instead of celebrating, I feel sad. Rain reminds me of things I think that I'd rather forget... Yet at the same time I hope I will always remember.

(Like thorns on a rose...)

How screwed up is that?


My sister makes me happy, I think.

Last night, I watched When Harry Met Sally on television again, and the ending made me smile such a big smile. Oh, but how I wish I could be as happy as they. Plus the music that played during the credits was the perfect kind of music to end that movie with. Whoever decided on those exact songs to play during the credits is a musical genius.

I smile with my sister. When she is in the room, I am glad to be in the room with her. No one else makes me feel like that. Not even my closest friends.

I wonder why this is true... Is it because of the time I've spent with my sister? Is it because our personalities mesh so well? What reason have I to enjoy my sister's company so much?

Imagine a cat. Could I love a cat as I do my sister? Why or why not? What makes them so different or so similar?

None of these are easy questions, and I doubt that perhaps they might even be able to be answered.

::double sigh::

I sigh too much.

I am too much of a sigh-er, I guess.

But that is me. It is whom I am.

And I doubt it will ever change. 


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