22 February, 2014

Jobs and Internships Available

This entry was originally posted on the AnimalCharityEvaluators.org blog. It is reposted here for reference only.

Interested in an internship at ACE? Now's the time to apply!
We're looking for talented people to help us to find and promote the best ways to help animals. We have a wide variety of internship opportunities available, including openings with research, operations, development, and even our communications team. If you think you have what it takes, then apply to join us for three months (with a possibility of extension). You can make a real difference in bringing the effective altruist mindset to the world of animal advocacy.
Plus, if you're looking for additional opportunities, the Centre for Effective Altruism is also hiring! Their open positions include a Director of Development, a Careers Analyst, interns for their Graduate Volunteer Scheme, and many more. CEA is home to Giving What We Can and 80,000 Hours, two great organizations working in effective altruism. To find out more about CEA's employment opportunities, apply on their site by February 28, 2014.
If you know of anyone who is looking to make a serious difference as part of the effective altruism movement, please send them a link to this blog entry. Whether they apply for a position with ACE or one with CEA, you could help to make a huge difference in their lives.