01 July, 1984


[The following story was written by me before I could write.  The pictures were drawn by me, while the text was written out as I spoke the words by my grandmother.  It is the oldest text I still have access to.  Keep in mind when reading that I dictated this story well before I ever started school, so it might be a bit jumpy, and may make no sense at all.  The title comes from the fact that I had just returned from a trip to Miami, Florida.  Different paragraphs indicate different pages.  Every page is illustrated, though what some who have seen the illustrations might dispute 'illustration' as too strong a term.]


By: Eric Herboso

The end is Miami.  Hey, you know what?  Da Ami.  Well, that's what I want you to write.

Let's see.  What is that?  Is it a bear?  No, it's a dog.  So what does it look like?  I don't know.  Let's see about that!

Hey, what is that?  Hey.  Hey is that a bird?  Is it a bear or a bird?  So is that a house or a radio?  I don't know.

Go to my house and find out.  But don't forget your suitcase.

Alright found out now!  When are you coming back though?!

What did you say?  When are you doing that?

Oh, yeah!  You come to my house and you'll find out more and more and more?

If that's not my problem.  And if that's my problem, you will have to do it!

When are you going back?  I don't like the feel of it.  Please don't come back.  You don't know what I'm trying to do.  And if you do about it [sic].  And if you do it, you'll get right on all your life and in through you'll [sic] whole life you'll get something great.

When are you trying to do?  Are crap is coming.  And if you don't know what kind of nap I'm looking for, and if you don't feel about it you might get right in the family house.  When are you trying to do that?  And I might go and find something.

Well if you don't find it, you won't know it.  And if you don't know it, I might feel.

I don't know what you are trying to do.



It was a dream, so what he's always there.  So what?  Well, well, well, well, it doesn't matter what you do!

[blank -- picture is recognizable of a man hanging from his feet from some sort of scribble.]

So.  So what what well, what in the world is that little and big thing?  Why, why that is a hurricane!

Hey hey we are with God.  God.  God is light.  It is not to supposed be like this because this is the light.  It is light here and at the devil and where God lives are places where [sic]. Why are doing this to me [sic]?  So what?  So what?  So what?  So what?



As they were going, they passed by their friend's house.

Well, that wasn't bad, was it?  Tookie [my imaginary friend] said, she said, this: "Hey, hey what is is this doing?"  He was like that all the time.


Hello!  How are you doing?  Well--look at that!  What is that?  A man who is a giant!  Help!  Help!  Well, well, well, well, well, what in the world are you doing?

Well I can do it too.  Can I?  Why, no.  You'll get hurt, like you did the other day.

Well, that's all.  That's all.  Amen!  Song.  With one thing here.  One thing there.  Well, well, wasn't that a great song?  Did I sound like it?



Well, what in the world is that?  That was a copy.  Well, well, will well.  [scribbling is unreadable]  Well, well, what, what, boom!

Well, well, well?  What, what?  Pick up the rug.  Rap rap rap rap.  Four four four.

Where is Miami?  Written by Michael.  [This was NOT written by michael; I merely told my grandmother to say that it was, so she wrote that.]

Written by Eric.  The end.