02 April, 2003

JAM on Phoe

I talked to Jason earlier tonight, and we talked at length on many things. Anyway, I figure a few highlights would be worth taking a look at...

---begin copied text---
Jam37wcc: Greg got that security job
Jam37wcc: But he quit
---end copied text---

Yeah, that sounds like Greg, alright.

---begin copied text---
Jam37wcc: Nick told me Casey just cut Greg's hand earlier tonight
Eric J Herboso: With what?
Jam37wcc: Greg was asleep and Casey got a metal pizza cutter and put it on his hand like brass knuckles and held it to his throat
Eric J Herboso: You're not serious, are you?
Jam37wcc: He woke Greg up and I geuss it startled Greg and he took his hands and pushed it out of the way and sliced his hand open
Jam37wcc: Yes
Eric J Herboso: And why is it that Greg still hangs out with Casey?
Jam37wcc: I don't know
---end copied text---

You'd think Greg would have learned better by now...

---begin copied text---
Jam37wcc: You know where th airport is don't you
Eric J Herboso: Yeah. [note: it's about a forty-five minute drive from Saraland]
Jam37wcc: Do you think driving about 2 or 3 miles passed that is worth $5.50 an hr if you live in saraland
Eric J Herboso: No, of course not.
Jam37wcc: That is where Casey works and Greg thought it was a good job so he applied there
---end copied text---

I wonder what Greg's excuse for this one is... Greg always seems to have an excuse, whether it's valid or not.

---begin copied text---
Jam37wcc: Greg said but it's a permanent job
---end copied text---

A permanent job at $5.50 an hour? My, but Greg surely is dense.

---begin copied text---
Jam37wcc: Clay is going to buy a new Trans Am
Eric J Herboso: Again?
Jam37wcc: And I wouldn't be surprised if Greg wants to also
Jam37wcc: This time he is going to get a new one not used
Eric J Herboso: Brand new?
Jam37wcc: Yep
Jam37wcc: That is what Nick told me
Eric J Herboso: Did Clay say that this time he would wait a few months before he wrecked the car?
Jam37wcc: Not that I know of
---end copied text---

In the past, Greg has done his best to keep up with Clay car-wise. When Clay bought his last Trans-Am, Greg bought one just like it but of a different color on the same day. That same month, Clay wrecked his car. Greg did the same two months later.

---begin copied text---
Jam37wcc: You know what Greg is doing for a job now
Eric J Herboso: Asking his mom for money?
Jam37wcc: He works for his mom three nights a week
Jam37wcc: He watches the exit doors at the theater so no one sneaks in
Jam37wcc: So pretty much is mom is paying for his car and insurance
Jam37wcc: If it wasn't for Greg no one would be watch those doors that closely
---end copied text---

Okay, I know this sounds bad, but I've got to give Greg the benefit of the doubt. Maybe the job has a little more to it than Jason thinks...

---begin copied text---
Jam37wcc : If Greg whines enough he doesn't even have to go to theater and work
---end copied text---

... ... Never mind. Forget I said anything.

---begin copied text---
Jam37wcc: He has another girlfriend
Jam37wcc: Guess where she stays
Eric J Herboso: In Pensacola?
Jam37wcc: At his house
---end copied text---

I said Pensacola because it's an hour away, and I figured he'd be the kind of person who'd drive for an hour just to see some girlfriend for five minutes. But no, she actually lives with him. I wonder what she's like...

---begin copied text---
Eric J Herboso: Have you met her?
Jam37wcc: Yeah
Eric J Herboso: What's she like?
Jam37wcc: She didn't say much but
---end copied text---

Okay, here it comes... I wonder what Jason's opinion of her could possibly be...

---begin copied text---
Jam37wcc: She is very controlling
Jam37wcc: She doesn't have a job
Jam37wcc: She dropped out of school
Jam37wcc: Isn't going to get her GED
Jam37wcc: Nick, Greg, and me went to mobile one day and stayed out there for most of the day
Jam37wcc: When we got back she was standing in the front yard cussing Greg out because he wasn't there to get up and get her food
Jam37wcc: Because she felt sick
---end copied text---

You know, I was expecting him to say she's a bitch, or maybe a bad choice, but no, Jason didn't even utter a single opinion that he had about this girl. Instead, he gave facts, and left it to me to decide what kind of girl she is. My opinion: She's a bitch.
Surely he wouldn't be putting up with her just for the sex... He can get it elsewhere so easily. My only guess is that she must look really good, and even then, I can't comprehend Greg's stupidity in putting up with that kind of shit.

---begin copied text---
Jam37wcc: Did I tell you he got some more tatoos
Eric J Herboso: [sigh - not again] What did he get this time?
Jam37wcc: A dragon, a sword, and a man with wings not an angel
Jam37wcc: Guess where
Eric J Herboso: Knowing Greg, it's probably his forehead.
Jam37wcc: You think he would be at least smart enough where you could cover it up with a short sleeve shirt
Jam37wcc: He has to wear a long sleeve shirt to cover it up
Jam37wcc: It is on his right fore arm
Jam37wcc: I asked him why he didn't get it higher on his arm so a short sleeve shirt would cover it he told me he had a brain fart
---end copied text---

Damn, he's stupid as fuck... God only knows why a person as good-natured, honest, and good looking as him has to be that fucking retarded. I guess there's some universal constant out there that states no person can have all the good qualities all rolled up in one.
I blame it on Casey, though... You know how bad company acts on one's personality.

---begin copied text---
Jam37wcc: Did Casey have his car before you left
Eric J Herboso: What kind of car does he have?
Jam37wcc: A firebird
Jam37wcc: the small Trams Am
Jam37wcc: He traded his trans am for it
Jam37wcc: It is red and Casey thought it would be cool to paint the rims red
Jam37wcc: When he decided he didn't like it he was going to use gas to get it off
Jam37wcc: Which is pretty smart
Jam37wcc: Guess what he did
---end copied text---

Umm... I don't know, but I'm hoping it's not what I'm thinking in my head...

---begin copied text---
Jam37wcc: He poured gas on them and set them on fire
Eric J Herboso: On fire?
Jam37wcc: Yeah
Eric J Herboso: Are you serious?
Jam37wcc: Very
---end copied text---