14 August, 2013

Humane League Labs

This entry was originally posted on the AnimalCharityEvaluators.org blog. It is reposted here for reference only.

One of our top two rated organizations, The Humane League, has recently introduced Humane League Labs, an initiative aimed at original research on veg*n advocacy effectiveness.

We’re very excited to see The Humane League expand into this space. Although our current recommendation for them is solely due to their direct veg*n advocacy work, we feel that effectiveness research combined with direct advocacy is potentially more effective.

We look forward to collaborating with The Humane League as their new project matures. At the moment, we are already in the design phase of our Humane Education Study, in which we will be working directly with The Humane League and other organizations on determining the effectiveness of humane education presentations.

Open discussion on studies performed by Humane League Labs are encouraged in our forum, such as the recent discussion on their leafleting study. We will be providing updates as these studies complete.

It is very encouraging to see groups taking an active interest in research, and we encourage all readers to keep an eye on Humane League Labs to learn about effective advocacy tactics.