01 October, 2002

An Intellectual Dreamer...

It is on this date that I first created a blog on the internet, at FreeOpenDiary.com. The following is the main introductory page of that journal.

An Intellectual Dreamer...

by Garacan
Location: Mobile, AL @ Spring Hill Coll.
Age: 21 Sex : M 

Eric J. Herboso's Diary
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My name is Eric J. Herboso, and I'm a 21 year old male attending Spring Hill College in Mobile, Alabama. I am a mathematics major, though I plan on switching over to physics in grad school.

I am an intellectual. I like to think, talk, and argue. But I'm also very spiritual in a strange sort of way... I find that I almost have two distinct personality styles within my own brain. One is logical to a fault, and the other cannot survive without the concept of love.

This online journal will chronicle my thoughts as I think them, as each day passes by. Expect to see within essays on physics, philosophy, morality, religion, and love. Expect also to see incoherent dreams, devoid of logic, and full of obscure references that even I don't sometimes catch.

I am as weird as a person can get, and yet somehow I seem strangely normal... How much of yourself will you see in me, I wonder? And how much will seem so strange to you that you will click away, dumbfounded?

I welcome all readers, and all comments. If you wish to contact me directly, you may do so at: 

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I hope you enjoy my writings. (c;

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