16 June, 2014

Julio Koko Sosa

Yesterday, tío Julio "Koko" Sosa died. His passing came more quickly than I expected.

Julio was a master of the guitar. I was always mesmerized anytime he would play during one of our family get-togethers. The entire family will miss him greatly.

Julio performed, composed, and arranged for hundreds of recordings, concerts, and festivals over the years. He is well remembered in his hometown.  Until very recently, he taught regularly in DC. Some of his students upload their covers of his songs on youtube. You can see him perform at the Kennedy Center below, or in El Salvador in the embedded video below that.

12 June, 2014

ACE Highlight: Donation Register

This entry was originally posted on the AnimalCharityEvaluators.org blog. It is reposted here for reference only.

This blog post is a part of our ACE Highlight series. Twice each month we feature current, relevant, and engaging topics from the ACE website.

This Week's ACE Highlight: Donation Register

As a charity evaluator, we are always on the lookout for new ways to measure our own effectiveness. That’s why we are debuting our donation register.

When you donate to one of our recommended organizations, you can now register your donation with us. This will allow us to better measure our own effectiveness as a charity evaluator. All visitors who click to donate to one of our top charities will be taken to our donation register after they donate.

If you’ve given to one of our recommended charities recently, we encourage you to register your donation with ACE. Taking these few extra seconds can help us to understand how our supporters give over time.