25 November, 2002


The names have all changed, but the meaning is yet the same. 

I am amazed at the sheer size of Jupiter, aren't you? 'Tis such an ugly planet, yet so easy to hit as a target, even with an unsteady hand. But what's most strange are those moons circling the planet. I'd never noticed them before. It is so hard to notice such insignificance next to such a huge celestial body, and yet at the same time it is this hugeness that makes such moons so easily seen now that I know how to look for them. 

And yet, without the perturbations normally seen in smaller planets' orbits, what is the point? Why even bother if no perturbation is present? A star at a ninety degree andgle from our spiral galactical tilt may be twice as dim, but it is still more noticable than a star crowded out by the rest of the solar systems in our own galaxy. 

If you have to use parallax to figure it out, then no one else will bother. And if no one else bothers, then why should you? Dominique is only useful if others think she is. 

But what scares me most is not that I'd not noticed these moons before, but that I know not what they mean in the here and now. What am I missing? What information need I gather in order to unravel this mystery? 

I just don't know. 

Furthermore, what is this fascination with the most low rates? Who cares? All you need is the lowest, right? So does it matter if you know more low rates than another? What a horrible fallacious slogan. Must corporate America be so very dense? 

Mayhaps not, but what of it? Others were dense. Did I mind then? But then one of them e-mailed me. Remember, Eric? Her name was DeEtta, I think. It has been a while, so I'm not entirely sure. What of her, Eric? What comment there? 

No comment. No concern. Just sadness, that's all. Pure sadness. Sadness for me; sadness for her; sadness for you know whom. There is enough to go around, unfortunately. 

Thank God I am now here. Thank God I have my feet planted firmly on terrestrial ground. Peter disagrees, as does Russ, and Him as well. But Jimmy understands, I think. Jimmy may not know he understands, but that doesn't make the understanding go away. 

Is it enough? I'm not sure. It takes so long to get a message to and back from Mission Control. It is this that scares me second most. The length of time between rest periods. 

Is rape rape if the rape weren't considered rape by the victim? I ask, because I'd like to know. Enlighten me.

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