20 November, 2002

Carnal Pleasure

Sometimes, she makes me smile. 

We'll be talking of whatever subject we happen to be on at that moment, and she will make some point of logic that just hits home. Most of the time, I thought of it before she did, but the very fact that she thought of it at all sends shivers down my spine. 

Hearing the cold logic of a beautiful woman is breathtaking; but it is even more so when she beats me to the logic -- on those few occasions when she says something and I've not considered it before, an almost orgasmic feeling comes over me, and I cannot help but enjoy it. 

Sometimes, she makes me smile. And after I smile, I am forced to excuse myself from the room, lest she realize how much I enjoy partaking in her intelligence. 

::sigh:: ... It is too bad that I do not get to argue with her more often... And it is doubly too bad that I know of no other woman who is willing to argue with me like this. ... ::sigh:: 

C'est la vie.

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