22 June, 1994

A Simple Feeling

From Los Angeles to Birmingham,
I've looked to and fro,
But all I've seen is my loving ma'am,
And no one else to show

My love to thee in such a way
As that my heart desires
In that I can be -- nay,
Will be -- as soon as the passing of fires.

I once thought I'd never feel again
What I feel with you;
A sword is naught when there's a pen,
And there's a pen in you.

Not even Excalibur's mighty blade
Could harm you in any way,
For if it tried, I would raid
And make sure you were not in the fray.

As you can see, I possess a feeling
That grows deeper and deeper inside me;
Not even Ragnorak could send me reeling
As long as you sit beside me.

What is this feeling I have for you?
What can I say when push comes to shove?
I do believe besides and in lieu
Of anything else -- it's love.