17 June, 2013

Singer on The Why and How of Effective Altruism

This entry was originally posted on the AnimalCharityEvaluators.org blog. It is reposted here for reference only.

(NOTE: This post was made under Animal Charity Evaluators’ previous name, Effective Animal Activism.)

The concept of effective altruism is one of the most important aspects of what we do here at Effective Animal Activism [now Animal Charity Evaluators]. It isn’t enough to just do good; it also needs to be effective. That’s why we break down the most cost-effective strategies for reducing animal suffering, identify organizations that actually implement those strategies, and conduct research on ways we can be even more effective.

We also realize that not everyone is familiar with the philosophy of effective altruism, and that’s why Peter Singer’s recent TED talk on The Why and How of Effective Altruism is so powerful. Singer gave an impressive demonstration of why effective altruism is important for anyone interested in maximizing the good they can do with their donations. He even specifically calls out Effective Animal Activism as the best resource for finding the most effective animal welfare organizations.
Whether you’re interested in a basic overview of effective altruism or looking for a great video to introduce your friends and family to why you care about effective giving, Peter Singer’s TED talk is a great place to start.