21 November, 2002

A Normal Entry

Cartoon Network decided to run reruns in favor of new DragonBall Z episodes today, meaning that the continuation of the series I've been watching since I first came to school here at Spring Hill College will not be aired until sometime next year. Needless to say, this has made me more than a bit upset, as the last show they aired yesterday afternoon ended on quite a cliffhanger. To make up for it, David invited me over to his dorm to watch DragonBall Z movies. We ended up watching six hours worth before I left. 

His dorm is extremely nice, too... It's the newest dorm facilities on campus, and they are nice enough to almost make me want to forego my apartment and instead live on campus. 

I had a paper due this morning, but instead of writing it last night like I had intended to, I stayed up all night arguing with a friend. It was fun, but it came at a price: now I have multiple papers due, and I've yet to start on any of them. And look at me now, writing in my diary in lieu of writing my papers. 

I am eternally stupid, you know that? 

Actually, this is my attempt at writing a 'normal' diary entry. It's more hard than it at first seems. I've had to delete entire sentences and rewrite them just to make them sound more 'normal'. It reminds me of when I tried to write a Dr. Seuss narrative once. It seems so easy, yet it is instead quite hard. 


One more thing before I end this entry: in the forums I frequent, stupid people keep posting in a physics thread, proposing outrageous claims that I needn't even really respond to since everything that I could say had already been posted before they typed what they did in their post. How exactly do you stop such moronic people? I just don't get it. 

Oh, well. 

I hope you've found this journal entry to be 'normal', because I've worked very hard to make it that way. (c; 


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