24 May, 2001

First Entry in a New Diary

[The following is the beginning of a series of entries (dated from 24 May 2001 through 3 November 2001) written as part of a 'dual-diary', along with one of my early girlfriends. Although it was a dual diary, the below archive is only of those entries that I wrote by my own hand, making some references perhaps not entirely clear. Also, be aware that due to its nature as a dual diary, the words may not necessarily reflect my true feelings at the time, since feelings of the other person had to be taken into account at the time of writing. Note that names have been changed to protect the shy.]

This is the first entry in a dual-authored diary concerning the lives of both myself (Eric J. Herboso) and one other ([Jane Doe]).  Yesterday, the two of us moved into an apartment together.  It's quite nice, actually, and despite the kitchen sink being the absolute tiniest I've ever had the occasion to see, I feel that the studio apartment is much better than I had envisioned it would be.  But more on that later...  For now, let me give a little background.

[Jane Doe] and I met each other over the internet some time ago and have since grown quite fond of each other.  Indeed, as things are presently, I fully intend on staying with her for the remainder of my life (and unlike [Jane Doe2], I sincerely believe this to be an obtainable conclusion).  [Jane Doe] is good to me in ways beyond measure, and she is very forgiving.  I am totally blunt and honest with her, and she appreciates that fact fully.  In point of fact, she knows all about my past relationship w/ [Jane Doe2], and yet still loves and forgives me completely and utterly.  To [Jane Doe], I feel both an intense love and a great debt.

I come from Saraland, AL, just north of Mobile, having lived in the area for the whole of my life.  My parents (Fernando E. Herboso & Joanne Tomaso Herboso) still live there, although I have since moved here to be with [Jane Doe].  Truth be told, I came as a result of both my feelings toward [Jane Doe] and a fear of being left alone to fend for myself stemming from [Jane Doe2]'s abrupt exit from my life.  Anyway, the bottom line is that I've started a new life here, and I hope to finally be able to get my shit together.

I've been here for a few months now, although it most certainly does not seem that way.  To this date, [Jane Doe] and I have lived in her father's house.  As of yesterday though, we have moved into our own place.  I am reminded of when I first moved to 1616 Masters Drive w/ [Jane Doe2] so very long ago.  I feel good, yet at the same time a bit wary.  I am adamant in maintaining this relationship to the very end, and even beyond.  I am in love.

By the way, this diary of dates, events, concerns, emotions, and basic way of life is intended to be used for many purposes.  Here, you will be able to see the absolute truth from both me and [Jane Doe], as well as an accurate portrayal of life during this time period.  You will also find very intriguing insights for historical, genealogical, and other purposes.  I intend this to be a manuscript not written on paper nor clay tablets, but one reserved for the immensity of the internet, available for viewing from any and all who might possibly be interested.  Oh, and one more thing.  This manuscript is in the public domain, and may be reprinted in whole by any who wishes to do so, although I do ask that you credit both [Jane Doe] and myself for any such quoting.  If reprinting in part, or else with any editing, be it for proper spelling or anything (other than bracketed comments easily distinguishable from the original text), then please include a link back to the page where you found this, or if not available, then the following e-mail: EricHerboso@aol.com.

[added April 2, 2003: My new e-mail address is EricJHerboso@yahoo.com. I hope this address to be permanent.]

[added 1 Feb, 2005: the yahoo address is still active, but my main address is now ericherboso@gmail.com.  Obviously, if this address changes further in the future, it will be easy to find via my LJ profile page.]

[added 29 March 2012: This entry is now hosted on blogspot. This switch from private to public includes edits to original names which were left unedited in the private LJ version. The ericherboso@gmail.com address still remains active, and will most likely be my permanent email address.]

Now, let's see...  Where to go from here?  Ah, I'll start with a historical note for those of you that are reading this some time from now.

Today for the first time, a US Senator switched from the Republican party to an independent position, effectively changing the power of the Senate to the Democratic party by a margin of fifty Republicans, forty-nine Democrats, and the one lone independent.  Trent Lott, the current majority leader will become the minority leader as soon as this transfer of parties occurs.

In science, a study was released today showing that the well-known and widely accepted placebo effect doesn't truly exist.  Of course, this study has to be verified by others in similar experiments, but it is a major overturn for the medical industry if true.

The movie Pearl Harbor was released today in theaters.  I'm not particularly interested in seeing it, though, as I view it as an unimportant product of the film industry.

The war in Israel and Palestine is getting worse...  Less than a week ago, Israel sent jets to bomb Palestine, a major increase over the choppers they had previously been sending.  I wonder if by the time you read this their war will finally have stopped...

The final episode of the Star Trek: Voyager series ended today.  I missed it due to my moving into a new place.

In physics, light has recently been shown to accelerate through a known liquid, although the majority explain it away as a misperception of the event by an outside observer.  The arrow of time does not seem to be broken.

Also, someone recently came up with a way to create a time machine via rotation involving the use of circularly curved light at a sufficient slowing of speed (and hence excited energy) that mimics the results of the rotating universe theory from early last century and the rotating dense packet of stars theory from the mid 1900s.  This version on the H.G Wells theme is on a much smaller scale, though, and is therefore much more feasible (but still not realistic, concerning the problem of having to slow light down accordingly).

Since Tuesday of this week, I have had a bad cold, but today I am starting to feel better.  'Tis a pity that my love, [Jane Doe], seems to be catching it now.  I feel somewhat responsible, but not overly so.  I still am discontent with the idea of sickness, however illogical my feelings may be.

I am working at a company called Center Partners, and I have been for a few weeks now.  It's not a bad job, paying $10 per hour, which is nearly twice the minimum wage of $5.XX per hour in this country.  I am impressed with the company, especially in light of the current hesitant economy.  Unfortunately, the particular client of which I have to deal with is Qwest Wireless, which I feel is a badly run company.  At the very least, it is much worse than Verizon Wireless, which I had as a cell phone provider back Mobile, AL.

[Jane Doe] works at Hancock Fabrics.  It, as you might have guessed, is a fabric store in the local mall.  She gets minimum wage there, and they work her horrible hours.  I am sure she will say something of it later on in this diary (you'll know which entries are hers by the obvious lack of spelling ability).  For some reason, she likes the place...  I'll never understand women.  Gladly, she's quitting and will be joining me at Center Partners soon.  Actually, not till July sometime, but that's as soon as it is possible, since she will in the meantime be in Europe on a vacation she planned quite some time ago with other members of her high school class.  Her mother will be with her.  She hasn't seen her mother in a while...  I'm sure she'll touch on that subject, too, when she writes.  There is certainly much that I believe she could say.

Anyway, I suppose I should end this entry here.  I have written long enough, and I have other things to get to today.  I'll write more at a later date, though I can't promise that when I do, it will be exceedingly interesting.