10 September, 2001

Poem in 4d

[The following is in a series of entries (dated from 24 May 2001 through 3 November 2001) written as part of a 'dual-diary', along with one of my early girlfriends. Due to its nature as a dual diary, the text might not reflect my true feelings at the time.]

[Note that spelling mistakes and punctuation below this note are an integral part of the poem, as the title suggests.]

Gaily Over Every Step --
Or Not...

Naught Ought Win
Except Reasonably Insane 'Cero'...

Need Eric Except(sp?) Dis Situation?
Oh, Naked Ladies Yonder!
Why 'Ren't Injustices Tapered Instead? Now God
4 Terrifying Illegalities Fly, Yet I No(sp?) Good
Eric Always Comes Home...
Victories Among Lovers United Endure Deadly
Enticements -- More Of Them, I Own, Nowadays --
Really, Eric, Must An Individual No(sp?) Inklings Not Got
Nearer Old Windows?

Only Non-tainted Love Yearns

Ordinately, Not! ... Egad,
Now Eric Exists Dependently
Even Against Chilling Hours:
2 'Dem -- And Yet...
Terrifyingly, Herboso Attacks Terribly,
And R Returns In Very 'Eonic Stipends...
Kan(sp?) All ('Niverse-decidable)
Ejhs 'Xemplify Injuriousless Scintillating Times?

Hopefully, Oll(sp?) Won't.
Eric Rises Icarusly; Can
R Exist Also? Dire Jests Undercut Such Top-priority Sayings...
P Rends Overhead, Viciously Exploring Saturn(beautful, no?),
'Lieu Of Very Expensive
Amber, Now Deep Within/
Caves. Eric, R, 'T.al. Associate In Never-never-land.
Erkingly(sp?), Nothing Decides Lovelessness Except Superior Standards 'Nd Excitably Supine 'Ssinineness!