15 October, 2002


My old employer called me today. He wanted to offer my job back to me again.

How is it that he can be so desperate for good employees that he calls me, of all people, back? I told him that it was impossible; I cannot go to work for the hours he wants to work me and do well at school. He countered by saying he would let me work fewer hours.

::sigh:: Is the world really so full of stupid people that my ex-boss is begging me to come work for him again?

I dislike stupidity.

Perhaps I am biased, though... What reason have I to feel as I do towards stupid people? After all, without stupid people in this world, there would be nobody to make money off of. Is it right for me to innately dislike someone I otherwise do not know if I know only that the person is stupid?

In other words, is prejudice of any kind acceptable?

I am tempted to say no outright, yet where is my logic? What argument have I that says that prejudice is never correct?

I feel as though I am trying my absolute best to try and trip myself up.


Why can't I even be friends with myself?

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