04 October, 2002

SHeDAISY, PenPals, Jail, RPGs, & Hot Tubs


I met Cindy Wunsch today. She's the artist manager of SHeDAISY, among other bands. She is a pretty cool person... I'd never met anyone in the music business previous to this, so it was particularly interesting to me.

She gave me a couple of CDs and her business card, and she told me to e-mail her sometime. I think I shall, though not anytime soon.

There's one thing I hate about e-mail: it's too fast. Being pen pals with somebody using snail mail is easy. You just write them, then they write you, then you write back, et cetera. But when you use e-mail, the letters arrive so quickly that if you compose a reply immediately after receiving the letter it is more of a weird form of instant messenging rather than pen pals.

My dad sent me an e-mail today. He said that he spent five days in the metro jail. He didn't specify what for, but I bet it has something to do with my parents' divorce. They haven't lived under the same roof since November of 1999, yet their court battle still isn't over.


I've tried to role play the past few weeks for the first time, and I've found it to be exceedingly boring. I honestly do not understand how these so-called friends of mine can stand to play it week after week, but they do.

They were fantasy role-playing in an anime-type universe, using both famous and unknown characters, like Sailor Moon and Teenagers From Outer Space.

I don't feel like participating in such role-playing sessions any longer. The idea of it is novel, but the implementation is horrible to me.


Do you know what I would really enjoy right now?

I would like to relax in a soothing hot jet tub and let snowflakes fall onto my face.

Unfortunately, no one here in Mobile, AL, USA has ever heard of such things... There probably isn't an outdoor hot tub within fifty miles of my current position.


... I feel like I'm going to sleep through the whole weekend...

...and I likely am, too...

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