26 October, 2007

NBC is Offered $1,000,000 if They Let Gravel Speak

Recently, NBC decided to screw Mike Gravel by setting up arbitrary requirements specifically designed to bar Gravel from participating in the upcoming 30 October democratic presidential debate.
Well, now one of Gravel's supporters (who is apparently also a Ron Paul supporter) has decided to stand up and put his money where his mouth is. Gregory Chase, multi-millionaire, sent this letter to five executives at NBC, DNC chairman Howard Dean, the President of Drexel University, and also published it as an advertisement in four newspapers. Here is an excerpt:
If it would help get Senator Gravel back into the debate, I offer to purchase $1 million of advertising from NBC, or simply pay NBC $1 million in exchange for the service of allowing Senator Gravel to participate in your debate.
But he doesn't stop there. He also posted this youtube video, where he personally offers $25,000 to whomever produces the Gravel youtube video with the most views through the end of the year.
Furthermore, Mr. Chase has personally purchased advertising space for every day from now until the end of the year in the three major New Hampshire newspapers: the Monitor, the Manchester Union Leader and the Nashua Telegraph.
Stay tuned for additional updates as this story moves forward.
Update: Jon Kraus interviewed Gregory Chase, and Bryan Bissell reported it on his blog.
Second Update: From Jon Kraus's interview:
Chase said that he had spoken with an election lawyer who advised him to make dependent expenditures on behalf of Gravel, where his name would have to be attached to any advertisements he made, along with a notation that it was not involved with the campaign. Furthermore, Chase mentioned that he has never met Gravel, and for that matter has never been to a political rally in New Hampshire.
Kraus also mentioned that Gregory Chase is also a supporter of Ron Paul in the interview. I amended the copy above to reflect this.


  1. You know, if that dude just got Gravel to get $1 mil in donations he'd still be in the debate...

  2. Ron Paul + Mike Gravel = The Future of America

  3. I disagree with a lot of Mike Gravel's ideas but that man is awesome, to give a million dollars just so someone would speak at a debate shows massive amounts of political passion and should be encouraged. I hope they let him speak and not only that but give him a real spot at it this time, defiantly encouraging news.

  4. Your retarded.

  5. You're retarded.

  6. Fucking NBC, I'll be writing those sacks of shit a letter

  7. Finally, money is being used for good, not evil.

  8. Unfortunately, 1 million dollars is chump change to NBC