22 January, 2021

Gold Team Representation in Killer Queen Black

Enough is enough. I am tired of seeing Blue team bias in official Liquid Bit posts on the Killer Queen Black discord. We finally get an excellent Gold team image on the KQB blog post for the MMR reset announcement, but when it gets posted to the #announcements channel, it has once again been replaced by Blue team propaganda.

…only for it to be replaced with yet more Blue.
Finally we get Gold representation…

Don't believe me? Take a look at the history of posts in the #announcements channel. The first half dozen posts don't even show Gold team drones at all. When Gold team does make an appearance, it's always something like the holiday steam post where the Gold team drone is depicted as being lazy while the dutiful Blue team drones are busy putting up the stockings. And then a week later when another holiday post goes up for Switch, Gold team is nowhere to be found.

Botler is Blue team. The Fall Guys costumes were Blue team. The only times when Gold team gets celebrated are when Liquid Bit doesn't have a choice, like with the excellent BYOT trophies, or in the August Switch sale post where the fall color scheme forces Gold to be used over Blue.

This doesn't happen when the images are hosted/created elsewhere. One of the IGL images fairly shows both Gold and Blue teams equally (though the circuit pages endorse only Blue!). The AdrenaLAN uses a Gold team drone. Bumblebear showcased a Gold team patriot as the protagonist of Abs vs the Blood Queen. But whenever Liquid Bit sends an email, if a Gold team drone is present, it is undoubtedly being eaten by a snail with a Blue team rider on it.

Every patch uses a photo with a non-Gold team queen. The announcement of the Holiday chat with devs has a bunch of Blue team warriors chasing a poor Gold team drone.

Is this really necessary?

The only fair representation I could find.

The only counterexamples I can find are the Steam Game Festival post, which had fair representation, and the MMR Reset blog post, which triumphantly displays a Gold team swordsman at the top of a mountain of berries. But does Liquid Bit showcase this magnificent Gold victor when they advertise the post in the #announcements Discord channel? No! They instead replace that extraordinary Gold team specimen with some Blue team Abs that honestly needs to get his MMR reset because he is clearly overranked.

Enough is enough! I demand more orange representation in #announcement Discord posts! Let's see the Blue team get eaten in high level posts. Let's see the orange hive full of berries. Gold team deserves better!

[Why do I care? Because orange is my favorite color, obviously. Also, if you couldn't tell, I'm not being serious here. Not that serious, anyway.]

Anh showing off my many orange clothes.

The No Kid Hungry logo, which I helped choose when I worked at Share Our Strength.

The Effective Animal Activism logo (before it rebranded as Animal Charity Evaluators).


  1. <3 Gold team

  2. Gold team won the turf war, sooooooo.... Hard agree here. Blue team's gotta give claps for the gold team.