24 March, 2010

Waking Up

My body seems to have some sort of mute-filtering system. As I woke this morning from a dream of P in a faraway high school, I slowly became aware that my dream was in fact a dream.

I was in bed, still dreaming, and processing the facts of the dream as I lay there. Specifics on the dream are unimportant; like most recurring dreams, while it has great meaning to me personally, it would be extremely boring to have to read through on this journal.

At first, I started to hear the light snoring of my partner. She is next to me, I thought, enjoying her own personal dreams while I awake from mine. Whole seconds pass while I run down the last aspects of my dream, when, suddenly, I am bombarded with an influx of sound. The TV is on.

For a number of seconds after waking, but before waking fully, I was aware only of the sound of her light snoring, and not at all of the blasting sound coming from the tv. It was only less than ten seconds, but still: somehow my brain had been completely filtering out the sound of the television so as not to disturb me during sleep.

I am impressed.

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