26 October, 2009

Childhood Hunger Facts

Note: This article was originally published on Share Our Strength's No Kid Hungry website.

The Share Our Strength website is viewed by many different people for many different reasons. Some come because they see one of our Taste of the Nation events or happen across a Great American Bake Sale. Others come because they see us on Food Network or hear us mentioned on the radio. Most come to learn more about childhood hunger in America and what can be done to help alleviate the problem.
But there are a few who come for a much more exacting reason: Research.
Share Our Strength is the leading anti-childhood hunger organization in America. And while much of what we do aims at eliminating the problem, one part of this active approach requires us to be data-gatherers, so that we can effectively gauge the situation and find numbers that we can look to to see our progress.
But these facts are not just here for us alone; we ensure all of this information is made available to the public, for whatever use is needed. Whether you’re a student doing a report on child hunger or an activist preparing data to show to your congressman, you will find Share Our Strength’s Facts on Childhood Hunger page to be quite useful.
Once there, you can learn more about talking points on why childhood hunger is important; what food insecurity is, and why this term is used in reports rather than “hunger”; facts on poverty and food assistance programs & resources; and links to other sites that may help if you need additional research.
As always, our Hunger Facts section is always expanding, and is always kept as up to date as possible. For example, soon we will also have data put up on our Teacher Report, which highlights research Share Our Strength has done looking into hunger In America’s classrooms.
If you’ve never used our data before, then I welcome you to try grabbing a few stats to use in a blog entry or in your newest Facebook status update. It never hurts to have raw data on your side whenever you bring up the issue of childhood hunger in your daily life. With your help, we can make childhood hunger in America just a little less invisible, one tweet at a time.

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