30 December, 1996

A Message

(Originally written sometime in late 1996.)

Arising from the depths of the deep,
Meeting the sun with rays we reap,
Becoming dry from the sweltering heat,
Entering a house, so nice and neat,
Resting there for me to keep, -- is you.

Guessing a hidden meaning
Understanding as though one were weaning,
Yearning to understand,
Expecting no such demand,
Remembering that there is meaning -- in every word.

Intercepting my feelings,
Lest my frequent kneelings,
Over all that I do,
Vindictive in lieu,
Entertaining my willings, -- is what I know.

Yet I know also of you,
Of your beauty, intelligence and how you never feel blue,
Unbelievable, inconceivable, but true.

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