29 September, 2012

Review: The Robots of Dawn

The Robots of Dawn The Robots of Dawn by Isaac Asimov
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

With the introduction of Daneel's friend Giskard, the precursors of psychohistory begin here in the Robots of Dawn. As the next novel in Asimov's scifi series, this whodunit will please mystery fans and fans of the great Asimov epic alike. Not only are the events of this book integral to what occurs in future books, but the twist in the ending will take you by surprise, even after providing several clues you'll likely miss.

Those who are rereading the Asimov series of scifi books will truly appreciate the storyline of this novel. While Daneel was introduced earlier, and philosophical ideas from previous books do have importance in the overall epic story arc, this is the first book in the series to really show events start to come to pass.

Of particular interest is the fridge horror in this novel. First time readers will not catch it, as you need knowledge gained in future books to really understand what is going on, but rereaders of Asimov's scifi series will find themselves aghast while plans to populate the galaxy through sending robots ahead of humans are discussed.

This is definitely well worth the read if you intend to experience the whole of Asimov's scifi series.

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