30 October, 2007

Watch Gravel at NBC Presidential Debate

Mike Gravel, who was banned from the tonight's democratic presidential debate by NBC is going to answer all the debate questions from across the street, and broadcast this live on the web at Gravel2008.us.
If you plan to watch tonight's debate, then you should also watch Gravel's webcast! If we let GE and its subsidiary, NBC, dictate who is and who is not allowed to become president, then it is not Mike Gravel that loses out, but all of democracy itself! How can we claim to have a free society when this kind of thing occurs, and no one acts to stop it? Why are we not revolting in the streets right now, as they would be doing in any respectable developing country? We cannot--we dare not allow the giant news corporations to dictate to us who is allowed airtime on these presidential debates! If we want to call ourselves free, then we must push for freedom!
Watch the debate live tonight, at Gravel2008.us! (6pm pst/9pm est)
Update: Now that the debate is over, here's the video of the event. Be aware that the audio was messed up in the first two minutes, but it quickly clears up.


  1. Cool thanks, I like this better, It is like Science Fiction Theater 5000 for politics. This is a grate idea. Some one should do this for every debate.

  2. This is a great idea.

  3. right on Mike. I love getting an insiders view! Go Mike! I'm tired of protesting year after year I want the national initiative... congress isn't stopping the war so we the people need to do it!