14 December, 2002

Winter Nights (Or Is It Fall?)

Yesterday, I took a trip to Bellingrath Gardens. 

It was cold, but not very. I easily got away with weaing only a short-sleeved shirt, and only thought about the cold whenever a particularly harsh wind blew by. However, everyone else there was wearing layers upon layers of jackets... 

I used to be like them, you know. It used to be that I just couldn't handle temperatures like that. But ever since I took that extended trip up north and learned what it really meant to be cold, I realized that the coldest temperatures down here in Mobile, Alabama, are really not that cold after all. 

(BTW, I saw a very uncommon occurrence about a week ago -- a tree turned yellow and lost its leaves to the ground below it... I guess what we call Winter down here is more like Fall for most Northerners.) 

There were Christmas lights everywhere at Bellingrath... At first, I thought it was quite beautiful, but after a few moments, I realized how much the lights were truly distracting from the actual view that I came to see: the gardens. 

But it wasn't a complete waste. After all, I not only got to look at all of the numerous couples walking absurdly fast through the paths and commenting on how "gorgeous" and "amazing" the lights were (these are phrase I actually overheard), but I also was able to find a restricted section of the gardens that gets cordoned off at night due to a lack of electric lights in the vicinity. It was very dark there, especially with my glasses being of the tint that they are, but it was this very absence of electric lights that made it so very beautiful. 

It was an absolutely stunning view. 

I'm glad I went to Bellingrath Gardens yesterday... The trip was well worth itself. (Note to self: you should go there more often, you know.) 

My last final exam was on Tuesday, earlier this week. Since that time, I've enjoyed my newfound freedom of sleeping whenever I choose. For the most part, I've resumed my old habit of sleeping during the day and living life throughout the night. I very much prefer the night, you know. It is a very peaceful time, and it is much better just for the fact that almost no one else is around when it's late at night. 

Does anyone else love taking walks in the dead of night whils others are sleeping? Sometimes, it seems as though I am the only one, for no one else is ever outside when I take such walks. Then again, what am I complaining for? If everyone liked such walks, then they would no longer be desolate, and they would certainly lose much of their appeal. 

Bah. I'm just rambling to no purpose now. 

But then again, this is my journal, and so I have that right to pointless rambling, now don't I? 


I miss school already, and I only just got out. Now I have to wait until January eighth...

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