08 December, 2002

Why I Listen To Music

I had twenty-two hours of sleep last night. 

I have three more final exams, but I'm not worried about them. At least not compared to how I was worried about my theology final; thank God I got that out of the way. 

Anyway, at this point, I'm supposedly studying for my finals tomorrow. I even have my book open, and I actually look at it every few minutes or so. But no true studying is going on. Rather, I am sitting here typing in my journal and chatting with my friends. 

Anyway, AngelGorge asked me a few questions for his anthropology paper, and I thought it might be relevant to put here. 

Angelgorge: Why do you listen to music?
Eric J Herboso: That depends on which music I'm listening too. Most often, I listen to instrumental big band jazz, and I do so as background music. I prefer the feelings that come from music than the silence that otherwise is present.
Angelgorge: Does music make you feel things? What does it make you feel?
Eric J Herboso: Again, it depends on the music. There are some songs that just naturally provoke emotion, and given a sufficiently talented composer, any emotion at all can be evoked.
Eric J Herboso: Also, sometimes I can associate feelings with music, even if the music itself did not innately cause me to feel such an emotion.
Angelgorge: Is music a spiritual experience for you?
Eric J Herboso: I dislike the term spiritual. But I would say that music causes me to feel things that I cannot adequately describe in languages as vulgar as English. It takes the language of music to explain the nature of music.
Angelgorge: Can you define "spiritual"?
Eric J Herboso: That depends on the definition of 'define'. I can give a dictionary definition. I can say what it is in a sufficient enough manner to explain the concept to someone who is familiar with the concept and just doesn't know the word for it.
Eric J Herboso: But I can't define it to someone who has no concept of what 'spiritual' means. 


I meant to put something more on here tonight, but I have to go. I'll write later.

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