20 March, 2013

A Five Year Hiatus

I've never gone for five years without posting something on my blog. At least not since 1994, when I was only thirteen years old. And yet, somehow, I'd gone for five years without seeing my sister, Anh.

Life is complicated, I guess. Everyday stuff gets in the way of connecting with family, unless you make the conscious choice to make them a part of your life. So, without ever really meaning to, I just went for five years without seeing my sister, who, coincidentally, was born in 1994, also when I was thirteen.

So there I was, standing downstairs waiting patiently while I was told a surprise lay in wait. Before I knew it, a woman strode into the room with a huge smile on her face. Is that...? Could it be...? I was caught completely by surprise. The shock was utter and extreme. She was eighteen; I last saw her when she was (coincidentally) thirteen. The difference was amazing.

My sister Anh is now an adult. This means many things, but most of all it means that I had to get to know her all over again. Even though she is the same person I knew from before, she is no longer a child, and that makes far more difference than I remember thinking it made back when I was thirteen.

The surprise visit lasted nearly a week, and it was amazing. We traveled through DC, VA, and MD, doing stuff like sightseeing and board games. It was a great deal of fun.

I love my sister. I loved her as she was when she was young, and I love her still today. Though she is now in Alabama again, far from where I live, I'd like to ensure that I no longer go through another such five year hiatus. It might take extra effort to continue such a long distance relationship with my sister, but I suppose that's what the internet is for. In the meantime, I'm off to facebook to see what Anh's up to.

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