29 April, 2012


Weezer died.

He was the neighborhood cat, and was very friendly. I'd gotten to know him fairly well in my time here in Erwin, TN, mostly on account of him introducing himself to me when I first moved in. I fed him occasionally and spent more than a few afternoons talking and playing with him.

Born with the name Oliver, he led a long and happy life, growing up as a part of my neighbor's family. In late 2010, he had a tough battle with cancer, but survived. The tumor removed from his throat gave him the chance to enjoy another year of life, but at the cost of a need to constantly wheeze, earning him his nickname in old age.

I'll miss seeing him during my daily outings. I'd grown rather accustomed to seeing him whenever I'd go out for the day. I'll miss him.

Good-bye, Weezer. We had fun.

1 comment:

  1. Weezer is missed already. I feel so fortunate that I had the chance to know, adore, and respect him. I will always remember and love him.