13 October, 2009

The Poetry Of Ending Hunger

Note: This article was originally published on Share Our Strength's No Kid Hungry website.

hunger poetryChildhood hunger is a scourge whose evils are outspoken.
Hunger begets poor grades begets lives broken.
It is an invisible foe, whose full extent belies
its effect, its strength, and even its size.
Hunger tears away the foundation of society.
Its presence contradicts any appearance of propriety.
But there is a way we can fight this harm.
Share Our Strength is here to sound the alarm.
Through state partnerships and unbridled zeal,
Share Our Strength is able to combat and reveal
the invisibility of hunger, the methods to contain,
and the ways that we can truly sustain
a working solution that does all it can
to bring to fruition Share Our Strength’s plan
to end childhood hunger in America in two thousand fifteen.
Then, and only then, will lack of hunger finally be routine.

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