24 September, 2009


Note: This article was originally published on Share Our Strength's No Kid Hungry website.

Hinges of HopeI am always amazed by both the depth and breadth of my coworkers here at Share Our Strength. Though I have only worked here for a little over a year (and this is my first real job at that), I already feel as though I have grown tremendously in my time in the nonprofit sector. But it isn’t due to any positive trait I possess—rather, it is almost entirely due to the intensity and excitement I see every day around me.
As a web guy, I don’t often get to go into the field to see all the good we do, but even in the office all day I am surrounded by talented, dedicated individuals who work hard every day to accomplish something truly valuable. For all of this, I am extremely grateful.
I chose to work at Share Our Strength because of all the good work this organization accomplishes everyday, and sometimes it isn’t entirely obvious what all we do when I’m stuck behind a computer all day. So that’s why, for the first time, I decided to go on a Hinges of Hope tour.
As Billy Shore puts it, there are places in America that we think of as hinges of hope. These are places with situations that show how far we have fallen, yet also show how we can actually turn around from the brink.
Every few months, we send out a few volunteers, staff, donors, and partners to bear witness in the work we are doing in a particular area. We show the problems; we show the solutions we’ve come up with; and we show the results of our efforts, inviting discussion on how we can improve the good we do.
And so that’s why my first Hinges of Hope trip means so much to me. It has reinvigorated me in my work, and encouraged me to take new and bigger projects. I may just be a web guy, but while teamed up with the awesome team we have at Share Our Strength, I feel invincible.
Together, we can do anything.

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