22 October, 2008

If You're Going to Present to a Public Audience, Please Do It Properly

I attended another Google Webmaster chat session today and learned a lot about the most up-to-date facts on the SEO world as it applies to google. But if you're looking for tips I learned there, I would suggest going to check out other blogs for a round-up, or even the Google Webmaster blog itself, as it will post the audio and slides later on this week.
jonathan simon of the google webmaster teamOf more interest to my audience, I think, are a couple of items I noticed while watching Jonathan Simon's presentation. First off, he's using Firefox, not Chrome. Shame on you, Jonathan. You'd think the Google Webmaster Team wouldn't have bailed on Chrome already.
But perhaps more importantly, your IP address is showing.
Next time, I suggest you utilize the option to show the slideshow through the webinar system rather than allowing everyone to gaze at your desktop. (And yes, that's his open menu there, not mine. Apparently he's a fan of adblock, among other things.)

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