21 August, 2008

My Morning Ritual

4:45 AM
The alarm goes off.
4:54 AM
The alarm goes off again.
5:00 AM
My alarm goes off -- it is distinctively less pleasant than the one Rosina uses.
5:03 AM
Rosina's alarm goes off yet again.
Skip forward more than a half-hour of repeated alarms going off.
5:33 AM
Absently, I hug Rosina gently as I attempt to wake thoroughly enough for morning sex.
5:42 AM
The alarm goes off at the worst possible time.
6:04 AM
After loading boxes of books into the car, we are finally ready to go. I hold my green laptop bag in my arms and rub the sleep from my eyes as she drives me to the train station.
6:09 AM
As Rosina drops me off, the train is just arriving. I wish her well on her upcoming day at the high school and pull out Anthem while I walk to the train.
6:55 AM
The train pulls into Union Station, as I write in my physical journal about the book I'd just read.
7:09 AM
Breakfast at Au Bon Pain is purchased.
7:20 AM
I walk into my building at work. No one else will arrive for at least an hour and a half. Most will not arrive until 9:30 AM.
8:30 AM
I close google reader and start planning my day of work.
8:31 AM
I pull up facebook scrabble.
8:54 AM
I restart planning my day of work.
8:55 AM
I pull up blogger.com to start writing this entry.


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  2. I think Anthem's a pretty terrible book.

    Also I don't see why you used the passive voice at 7:09am. Were you feeling tired?