19 March, 2002

Eric302anh Profile

[The following is a copy of my AOL profile as of 19 March, 2002. The web address given is no longer live.]

Member Name:
Eric Jonathan Herboso (If you don't know how to spell or can't type with semi-decent grammar, please don't IM me.)

Mobile, AL (I'm 20 years old. If you want a guy with a pic, IM someone else, please. However, if you honestly do want to know what I look like, try asking me to meet you someplace public. Also note that I prefer talking to intelligent people.)


Marital Status:
Single, of course. What else?

Wishing, hoping, reading, writing, and dreaming. Games: Magic, Final Fantasy, StarCraft, Set, Command & Conquer. Music: J.S. Bach, G. Miller, P. Schickele, & P. Glass. Authors: A. Rand, J.K. Rowling, I. Asimov, G. Orwell, E. Hayden, O.S. Card, E.A. Poe.

Dell, eMachine, & Gateway. The fastest is a 1 GHz w/ 256 MB of RAM. I use AOL & MSN dial-up at home and a T1 connection at work.

I am a Customer Service Representative for Hertz. I also manage an apartment complex, and own around twenty vending machines.

Personal Quote:
"Beauty before wealth, intelligence before beauty, and character before intelligence. To rank them any other way is to fail in your search."
"Love is to life as Morphling is to a control deck. You can do well without it, but why would you want to?"

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