01 March, 1998

I hope you enjoyed last night.

[As copied from a letter addressed to one of my early girlfriends. Names have been changed to protect the shy.]

Good morming, my love. I hope you enjoyed last night. I know I did. Although I did all the work and you did nothing but enjoy, it felt (to me) as though an incredible force was emanating from you... I felt my entire body become drained of all energy... ...that has never happened before...

I am so satisfied... I could go a week w/o complaints after a night like yesterday's. Thank you for allowingme inside of you. Thank you for inviting me over.

I'm still not sure what was the best for me. Without the condom felt really good,, but with it, I got to hit orgasm inside of you... Orgasm feels extraordinarily great if its [sic] inside of you, but the condom reduces the pleasure to a point where I can say that I enjoyed it w/o the condom a bit better...

I thought the role-playing thing was pretty cool. It makes making loves to you so much more interesting, in at least one way. No matter how I take you, however, making love to you is utter enjoyment...

As you lay there, helpless and tired, I watched your eyes -- your face...it was dark, but I still remember the details... Your head was first turned to my right, and your eyes closed, heavy with want for sleep. And I picked your legs up and moved you, as I entered again and again, feeling the inside of you; exploring your inner depths... And you turned your head to my left, still just as sleepy... I thought you would pass out any second. Some time later, I wanted to explode inside of you very extremely badly... I moved with a rhythm, speed, and direction that was purely for my enjoyment. Once I started doing it for me, my body tensed and got superhot and I pushed into you with a gentle strength that I felt pulsating through my body... Soon I felt myself about to give out, because I kept holding back as I entered -- but now it was too much-my pleasure was going to shoot from me and cover you so completely and my happiness would have soared so high that I would not have been able to hold back from screaming and yelling... and I pulled out of you.

Can you imagine?

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