16 March, 1994


[The following entry was not written on this date. However, seeing as how this was the day my sister, Anh, was born, I thought it would be appropriate to include an entry about something that occurred around this time.

What follows are a few paragraphs composed by my sister as she explains the story of how I came to call her Anh, despite her name being Lexy. It was written well over a decade and a half after the incident in question. Text copied from http://www.freewebs.com/stephaniemeyerbooks/aboutus.htm.]

Hi everyone so I need to give you a description of myself, my personality I guess. Well, first we'll start with my name. I am commonly known as Lexy, it is my nickname that my mom gave me and all my friends and family have called me that, so much so some people might not know my real name. I got my name from a soap aprah, yeah, a dramatic show(don't ask wich one). But at least my mom told me the character my grandma and her named me after was sweet and beautiful, that counts rite? My real name is Alexandria, I love it! Makes me feel strong and powerful, like Alexander "the great", but in a feminene way. And I also love it that I wasn't nicknamed Alex. O.K. sorry that might offend some people that are named that but I just don't think it would fit my personality, or maybe I just like the way Lexy written in cursive is so darn pretty!

Now you'r woundering about the nickname Anh, well first you need to prnounce it right! say ahh. now say the sound of the letter "n". put them together, and what do ya get? ANH! yah, you said it rite. Some people are like "What in the world! Where did she get Anh out of Alexandria?", well  my brother, who is Eric (13 years older than me), thought of it. He got it from wanting my name to be Anah (or however you spell it),wich is pronounced the same way as Anh but with saying ahh at the end, but my father said no so of course him beig a 13 year old and begining to be stuborn and a know it all like I am around that age he found around it a way to get his way by looking at my initials, a. n. h., do you see it? Cool, huh. Anywho, he has always from as far back as I can remember called me Anh. And only him, untill I rarely got to see him or talk to him then I wanted to have something to always remind me how much I love my brother and how stubborn he was to find a way to call me what he wants to call me.

WARNING: this may be a long story!You know one time when I was little and he was in college I think, he went to an expedition to dig for dinosour bones, wich is so freak'n asome! I can't remember how long he was gone but I remember missing him so much and then me and my mom going to pick him up at the bus station and I got ballons, wich were so hard to blow up since I was only a little girl, blew as many as I could up put them all around the car like on the seat an floor. And I could remember thinking " I miss Eric so much that I miss him hitting me when I bother him playing his video games or when all his freinds came over and I wanted to just watch them play there board game and he yelled at me to go to bed" ( cause I was probably all in there way asking to may questions) so I ran up stairs closed my bedroom door waited a couple of seconds then opened it qiuetly, crawling on the ground, poking my head through the bars and watching them for like a min. then Eric caught me, but that time when he yelled he had a little smile I think! oh, good times!

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